Care Instructions

Every item by Meggy K. Munich is designed with the claim to be a precious accessoire for many years and looks.

To ensure that this remains unchanged and that you can keep your Meggy K. Munich bag in perfect condition, we recommend following these care tips:
  1. do not overload your bag.
  2. clean your bag regularly with a soft and dry cloth 
  3. avoid intensive contact with dark colored materials that may stain.
  4.  avoid contact with sharp and rough objects. In case of accidental scratches, rub the leather carefully.
  5. Avoid excessive contact with grease, dirt and heavy rain.
  6. Protect your bag as far as possible from extreme sunlight and humidity.
  7. When not in use, store your bag in the Meggy K. Munich cotton bag provided and stuff your bag with paper or suchlike to avoid creasing.
  8. white and very light colored bags require special care.
  9. have the cleaning done by a professional.